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Restore And Protect The Integrity Of Your Car!

As your vehicle sits in the sun for long hours, it should not come as a surprise that plastic components tend to lose their color and original appearance over time. Restore your plastic and trim pieces to their former glory with the Plastic Part Retreading Agent! 


  • LONG LASTING - Unlike many other products available off the shelf, our Car Shining Liquid lasts a long time! You will be amazed how it lasts through even the toughest car washes and the worst rain or snow! A little really goes a long way with this one and you will be amazed at how it can make your whole car look like new in a matter of minutes!

  • PROTECTS & PREVENTS DRYING, AGING, FADING - Our Car Shining Liquid  will not only make your dull plastic and trim shine - it will protect the plastics and trim on your new vehicle! By applying our restorer & protect, you can prevent premature wear and fading caused by UV rays and road grime! Our unique formula is an absolute necessity in any auto detailing supplies arsenal!

  • SAFE ON ALL SURFACES - Our special formula is water-based and will never harm, damage or dry-out your rubber, trim, plastic or harm any paint that it may touch! Safe to use on all color plastics and rubbers! We specifically formulated our plastic and trim restorer to solve the problems with all the others we saw in the market! Most other similar products use oil, which quickly dries out and degrades your plastic and rubber!


  • ULTIMATE PLASTIC & TRIM SOLUTION :Effectively remove stains from the surface of plastic parts.

  • STREAK-FREE FORMULA: Unlike other trim products, this won't leave your vehicle with any streaky residue for high clarity to ensure a safe drive.
  • ADVANCED PROTECTION: Prevent plastics from oxidizing and fading under sun exposure.
  • ECONOMICAL: Save you from your monthly or frequent visit to auto shops to have your plastic items repaired, refurnish or replaced.

How to Use

  • Step 1:- Clean and dry the area to be coated with interior cleaner
  • Step 2:- Pour the nourishing cream on the sponge and clean and dry the area


FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. My Jeep has gray bumpers - what do you use for that? Thanks

A: We use this on our Jeep Wrangler. It keeps the fenders black, not that faded old grey. You have to do it regularly, like when you wash your car. So far this has been the best “back to black” product that I’ve found for that.

 2. Will this work on a tonnau cover for a pickup truck?

A: If you mean a BLACK plastic cover for the bed on a truck. I would say YES. It works on about any black material or plastic. Be sure to wipe and clean off and excess that happens to get on any painted colors. I used some cleaner when wiping off of paint or a different color then black. I love this product for renewing black plastic on cars, golf cart or anything with black plastic that has become gray or looking new. hope this helps you out. 

3.  Will this work on ABS plastic thule car roof box ?

A: Should work on any plastic. I’ve used it on every plastic piece on my car and did the job

4. Will this work on trim ?

A: I used it on my grey (CO sun) trim over two months ago. I applied two coats because I had weathered trim. Immediately looked new and still looks new. I will forever use this product, absolutely love it!


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